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Weight Loss & Management

Are you someone who feels like you are constantly on a diet? Have you previously lost a significant amount of weight through self-denial and misery just to find that eventually you have put all the weight back on, and some! There are so many reasons why we gain weight or struggle to lose weight.

How Can Nutritional Therapy Help?

Nutritional therapy uses an integrative and individual approach to weight management. I will educate you on how dysregulation of hormones, poor detoxification pathways, an unhealthy microbiome and chronic stress can impact your metabolism and subsequently your weight.

By nourishing our bodies with good quality calories in the form of whole foods, we can avoid cravings and energy slumps that put us in danger of overconsuming highly calorific ‘junk foods’. I will help you to restore balance within by recommending a diet that provides calories that benefit your health and support your metabolism making weight loss and management easier, effective and sustainable in the long term.

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