Infant, Child and Adolescent Nutrition

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Infant, Child and Adolescent Nutrition

With rising rates of childhood illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, autism, attention deficit disorder, food allergies, and asthma a wide range of environmental factors is implicated on having an impact on children’s health. These factors include nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour choices. Our modern fast-paced lifestyles often lead us to make unhealthy food choices for our children leaving them deficient in many essential nutrients which are vital for healthy growth and development as well as for preventing many health problems.

How Can Nutritional Therapy Help?

As a mother of four sons, nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner I recognise that every child is unique. Modern lifestyles don’t always support adequate diet, exercise and behavioural choices. I have great empathy for my young clients, and also for parents seeking advice on providing optimum nutrition to their families. I will listen with compassion to evaluate where imbalances are occurring and work closely with parents and children to correct these through personalised nutrition, lifestyle and where necessary nutritional supplementation.

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